The Final Minute Taken Was One For The Ages w/ Don Warbucks & Alexeya

It's was the last edition for the boss of Voiceless Music as the official return of DJ Mainstream on the radio, A Minute With Mainstream ended on a strong note alongside good friend and media connoisseur Brandon.

First up, Alexeya blessed us with her first interview ever on radio. And with all eyes on her, the songstress expressed humbleness exponentially with zero pressure for a new comer. But as the favorite "Nonstop" blasted throughout the station, ironically in her hometown, the evidence was clear... 2018 will be Alexeya breakout year.

Following her up, was a interview with Don Warbucks who was on another level as he clarified his feelings with an existing issue with the underground scene. Discussing everything from his Facebook posts to the infamous Leon Marin, Don and fellow representative Ballliztic didn't come for a reunion... it was to 'keep it thoro' and make it business as usual. 

If you missed any of last night's last episode for 2017, check out the full podcast below.


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