Felicia Temple - Carpe Diem

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There's not a lot of artists who touch the soul, except for Felicia Temple. Felicia Temple, is an independent and unsigned R&B singer, who was inspired by Alicia Keys, to sing. She was a former participant of "The Voice", and now shares her voice with Voicelessmusic, with her song Carpe Diem

In Latin, Carpe Diem is the enjoyment of the pleasures of the moment without concerns for the future. About a few weeks ago, Felicia Temple released the music video to this amazing song.  This song highlights the significance of looking on the brighter aspect of life.  We all go through struggle. It can be our jobs or bills.  Felicia Temple is calling all of us to look pass those struggles for a better day. Trust her words because there will be a better day.  

So let all your struggles go away and live a brighter day. Enjoy the video of Carpe Diem. 


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