NeQuasia - Loving Me (Ain't Easy)

Loving someone is definitely not something that comes easy.  It takes time and effort to realize if the person if right for you.  Songwriter/Singer Nequasia realized this quickly.  It was only time for her to share her perspective on this matter with her new hit single.

Nequasia starts her 2018 music career on the right note. She released her single, "Loving Me (Ain't Wrong)" on Monday, and it has been a conversation here on Voiceless Music. With her amazing vocals,  you can hear how she struggles to accept her other half. Pushing the person away is just not going to solve the issue, but time is. Time allows the two to truly blend and actually be in love with each other. This is the core of her song, and she does an excellent job expressing this through her lyrics. Amazing song we say. 

Time will only tell until we got the whole independent scene falling in love with this new single. But you can't fall in love with it without listening to it. So without further a due, we present "Loving Me (Ain't Wrong)" .


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