Sit Down, Be Humble

Lately here at Voiceless Music we've been handing out how to's for you independent artists. But there's one thing that no one has touched on. 

Hol' up, sit down and let me give you a little lesson on remaining humble. Being humble isn't always easy, but it is one of the most rewarding aspects of being independent. Remaining humble opens many more doors and makes it easier to obtain positive feedback.

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There's a lot more to being humble than one would think. One of the very first things to keep in mind when humbling yourself and those around you is to never forget where you came from. An artist should remember where he physically came from and where he started. Almost all artists start from nothing, just making a song and showing it to friends and family. With practice, artists get better and some let it go to their heads. Y'all gotta step back and think about when you were rapping over beats in your bedroom. Would the artist you were back then be impressed with you giving up opportunities because you think you're better than that? You think Drake first started making music he turned his nose up at any opportunity to get exposure? Not a chance, Drake to this day still remembers where he came from, hence "Started From The Bottom". Stop thinking that a little bit of exposure makes you the man, take the struggle and let that make you great. Never forget where came from.

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There's one thing for certain in the music industry, there will be new artists popping up and trying to make it. In order to remain humble as an artist, you must recognize and appreciate the talent in others. As talked about in a previous article, Come On Man, Share The Wealth, artists must lift each other up instead of attempting to barry each other. Keeping in mind that you may not be the greatest artist and you could learn from others is what remaining genuinely humble is all about.

As an artist, there is always something you can work on. Whether it be lyrics, flow, stage presence, anything. Denying you have flaws or refusing to take criticism closes more doors than you would think. No one wants to work with someone who thinks they're perfect and refuses to listen to other ideas. Allowing others to critique your work will only better you and earn respect for your art. Artists often allow others they trust to preview their track and give honest feedback. Many artists find this type of feedback in itself very humbling. It allows them to hear what others think and make the changes before they release it officially. Artists need to keep in mind what they think is heat, isn't always what their fans will enjoy.

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The most important part of being humble is remaining grateful. All too often when artists get big or start getting more attention they forget what it took to get them there. Remaining thankful for every fan, song, feature piece, and performance that has gotten them where they are today is one if not the biggest thing an artist must always remember. You never know just when your career could end, especially in an industry like this, so being thankful for what you get, when you get it is that much more important. Artists need to remember to always be thankful and to give thanks when possible to any of the people that have helped them get to where they are today. You never know what one little "thank you" could do for future, chances are people will be more willing to take their personal time to help you out.

Remaining humble is one of the keys to a long and prosperous career in music..

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