Bryan Joon - Bryan Joon (Album Review)

Love is definitely a complicated topic haha. We at Voicelessmusic might not understand it, but Bryan Joon, an R&B/Pop artist, discusses the significance of Love off his new album, 
Bryan Joon.  This artist definitely has some influences from Sam Smith as you listen through the album.  So let's talk about the album now. 

About a month ago, Bryan Joon introduced us to 12 dope songs off his album. With each song, Bryan Joon talks about the experiences of love. Some songs deal with love at first sight, others deal with relationship love.  However, you can hear and understand the complications Bryan Joon dealt with. Some of his notable tracks are Name and Pretend. These songs are phenomenal and the live instruments only add more value to the message.  Let's talk about these briefly 

  Name is one of the artist's single and definitely should be played in clubs.  In this song, there's a connection between that special someone in the club, but a person just don't their name.  A common thing I believe, but definitely an issue if a person wants to further the relationship. Am understandable topic. 

Pretend is another of the artist's single.  This song definitely talks about the complications of "friends-with-benefits".  This talks about the sexual resistance between two people. They want to be just friends, but can't don't want to take it to the next step. Another great piece. 

This album is great! We love it here at Voicelessmusic.  Giving it a solid 8.5/10 in our Music Rubric. The album Bryan Joon is available on all streaming platforms.  Hope you guys enjoy it.