Russell Taylor - Dance With Somebody (Official Video)

What can you not say about Whitney Houston? Timeless. Legendary. Icon. From Bodyguard to Sparkle, "I Will Always Love You" to "I Look To You", the woman is undeniable. 

But looking to come a legend himself, Russell Taylor has begun moving strong with his newest project, the first of a trilogy (unheard of on the independent music scene), Tin Man:The Blue. In preparation, Russell delivers in his new single and the visual which is MORE than a cover...

I see you Whitney Elizabeth Houston for the first time ever with my grown man heart.  Even more, I see you in me by connecting with the spaces in between the words and the notes of the song, Dance With Somebody.   I will protect my artist. I will water him, feed him, love him but not baby him.  I will allow him to express himself fully without guilt or punishment.  I will support him, speak kindly to him and never shut him out.  I will allow him to be seen.  Rather, be seen, in all his imperfections so that he may live.  I hope that I make you proud. 

Directed by Kai Morrison, check out "Dance With Somebody" video below.


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