Byrdy - Summer Imprint (Album Review)

I, DJ Mainstream, have known Byrdy for several years. But the model turned R&B artist is more than just a pretty face...

But years ago I've pushed this man to do more than just must. And after all these years, the Uncrowned Prince of Trapsoul finally pushed out a full length project! 

Summer Imprint is what we've seen Byrdy teased for years. It's the culmination of what he's touted as new wave R&B, it's evident with the breakout single "2 Thurty" with world-reknowned DJ Ria hits us with nothing but vibes perfect for the hot weather. Same goes the love-in-the-club, backseat loving track "Knock Knockin'" which embraces that culture-changing 8701 feel. Yeah, you gonna fog the windows to this one...

But what stands out is that The-Dream-esque sound we get from the sensual and seductive "KIM", which is nothing more than Byrdy making his statement that this is his genre, and he's here to stay.

While I am evidently proud of this man on many levels, I suggest if you haven't already, make sure you download/stream /purchase Summer Imprint today!

- DJ Mainstream

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