#BeforeTheIndieVMAs: Nazzy - @ayonazarious

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Cornhill, New York is the home of the next up and coming superstar Nazzy

Starting in seventh grade it has been a long journey for the artist. With an early influence from R&B music including stars like Mariah Carey and Chris Brown the artists rejects the label of rapper and likes to be referred to as simply an artist. "I'm just an artist, producer, and songwriter" said Naz

The artist credits his rise in the 315 to his connections with Bruvahood Music Group (BMG). The group was started years ago with fellow artists RahSin, Onaje, and Noa. In the past months, Naz has parted ways with BMG but still has love for all included. He recently released his last mixtape with BMG entitled "2017", a seven-song tape featuring the four artists. 

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One of the artists biggest goals in music is to make sure that upstate New York music gets recognized. He works with a lot of local artists including some already featured on Voiceless Music including Rich Vocals, Wan Blvd, and Razzle. And now with an upcoming album coming, he has begun working with Generic and Tha Bakery

A longterm goal for Naz is to bring the city together through music and make a name for himself. Plans include a lot more performances and music coming.  With this upcoming album, he expects to wrap up summer in the 315 with a new vibe and introduce himself as a single artist branching out on his own.  The album is scheduled to drop sometime before the end of August, so make sure you stay tuned so you don't miss the beginning of what's going to be a crazy ride! 

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