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Tribe Called Quest's song, "Award Tour", is a classic. When we talk about touring, these guys have done it all. Tokoyo, LA, NY, you name it, Tribe Called Quest has been there to perform.  Touring is by far every artist's dream. While touring, you get to see new cities, meet new fans, and also get a check. Tribe Called Quest was able to do all that when streaming services did not influence touring.  The idea on what is touring and how to organize one has not changed and we are going to talk about that now!

Touring is simply this: BREAKING YOUR MUSIC INTO NEW MARKETS. You, the artist, travel to different cities to perform hoping to gain a newer audience that will ultimately promote your music pass that city.  If this is done right, you will see your numbers go up, on both your previous music and whatever music is to come! Now question is, have I seen touring been done right lately from the indie-stry? FUCK NO! Here's a couple of reasons why it hasn't been done right.
  1. Artists are touring cities where no one is bumping their music. So artists end up going to these cities expecting a crowd from promoters and then get there and no one is there haha. Hence, Home Crowd Advantage article.
  2. There is no basic foundation before the tour commences.  What do I mean? There is no connection between artists, promoters, and/or venues that will help with promotion to bring the maximum amount of people to the performance.  Hence, The Artist Chemistry article. 
These are the top two reasons why touring from the indie-stry has been ineffective. You know with every problem comes a solution. 

The solution is simple: You need to take advantage of an artist's/promoter's/ venue's fan base if curating or involved in a tour.  In simple terms, you need to collaborate strategically with the people of those cities.  There are multiple ways to tour creatively.  One way I think is a good route is the structure called Headlining and Opening. Headliners bring in the most people so if you looking to do a "Tour" take advantage of the opportunities to open for someone whether big or small. You can then take their fan base and make them a fan of you.  Very simple way. The other ways are very complicated! You would have to talk to me on the side to do this. 

So if you want to do a tour, you can. If you can't get into college shows, do an indie-tour around colleges.  Just make sure that you do your research before, and you have some fan base before touring. It's not hard at all. I am giving you the gems. You choose to use it because I definitely will lmfao.  I hope this was helpful. Peace and Enjoy! 


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