2018 Voiceless Music Awards - Darkside Radio's Blackout The Rebel - Black Sky Freestyle

The 2018 Voiceless Music Awards goes down in August 19, 2018 live from DOHA Nightclub in Queens, NY featuring an exclusive opening performance from 3-time Voiceless Music Awards nominees Thot Boys!

And to prepare we are doing 5 cyphers leading up to the epic show featuring WVMR radio shows and two epic special features including today's feature...

Last years cypher head Blackout The Rebel has quietly sat back and let this year's chosen shows to take their place in leading up to this years awards show.

But with Darkside Radio taking a slight hiatus, the former 3-time Voiceless Music Award nominee felt it was time to show why he's always an artist first. 

For the 3rd (technically) cypher released, check out his "Black Sky Freestyle"!


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