Hookz Murdock - Gauntlet (Mixtape Review)

All he asked was 22 minutes of our time, and he sure as hell made it count. So with Hookz Murdock's new project, summed up version of his ongoing dedication to Thanos and The Avengers: Infinity War, Gauntlet is a rare occurrence of an artist hitting the nail on the head TWICE on what a concept project should be on a independent scene.

With "Mind" and "Space" already enjoyed by the masses, Hookz has truly tapped in the essence of what the real gems itself mattered to the mad titan and place them strategically in musical form.

But the most impressive on this is the song, or gem known as "Reality" that not only impresses with his feature (major shoutout to Jerry Milo) but both put a little reality in to the game... this track and project can never be done again...

In my estimation, Hookz is officially on point to be the first ever artist to have been nominated for Compilation of the Year two years straight.

Sweet Christmas. 

- DJ Mainstream

Hookz Murdock - Gauntlet
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