Meko Sky - Distance

Today is a national holiday for Ei8th Productions and what better way to celebrate it with a new single from the remix king,  Meko Sky.  Today, Meko drops a new single called Distance, designed by DJ Tiff Dollaz, to keep his crowd waiting on his next project, "Thanks 4 Listening". What do we expect on this new project? We don't know, but we can definitely give some insight on his single. 

The Bronx artist decided to take the Underground Drake approach on his latest song, "Distance". He definitely wanted to give the club something to bump. However,  Meko wanted to talk to us about the how people love to flex. This flex doesn't phase the artist. It only motivates him to do what he wants to do. The only way he can do this is if he keeps his distance from them. 

Meko Sky can be found on all streaming platforms and be found on our latest Voiceless Music Tunes of the month. So let's learn a little thing or two and give "Distance" a bump! 



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