Voiceless Music Tunes: August Edition

Another new month, another playlist for your ears. This playlist has a ton of R&B chills, but also have some fire Hip-Hop.  After a ground breaking Voicelessmusic record,  it was only right to feature 4 of 15 artists from Utica! So brace yourself for some good music! 

Remember, the purpose of this playlist is to introduce you guys to these artists. Playlists increases an artist's reach and chance for discovery,  so encourage followers, share and repost.  For more details, check out the article, Spotify Cheat Codes

For this month we have tunes from

  1. Amplified- I am 
  2. Bryan Joon- Name  
  3. Hookz Murdock- Reality  
  4. Razzle- Trapped in My Mind
  5. Tamara Bubble- Too Busy 
  6. Wan Blvd- Best Life
  7. Kam Nasty- Need You 
  8. Generic Tha Character- Rubik's Cube 
  9. Teddy Grahams & Kony Brooks- Never Too Much
  10. Leeky XIV-  Repeat 
  11. Femi Onas- One of a Kind  
  12. Niko Brim- My Zone 
  13. ToBy- 2 A.M.
  14. DeVine- Roller Coasters 
  15. PROMKNGHT- About Us 
  16. Meko Sky- Distance 
  17. INPAINE & PrinceSmith-  Losing My Mind 
  18. K.Credle- Intentions 
  19. Quez- No Smoke 
  20. K Nova- No Letting Go 
These are some dope artists and they put in the work to be great.  Definitely follow them on social media. Repost, share, and follow this playlist. We want to hear your thoughts on these artists. Enjoy! 


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