Voiceless Music Tunes: Septemeber Edition

Another month, another playlist.  Last month, we went Utica deep with R&B chills and Rap Heat. This month, we bring the exact same vibes from all around New York.  

DJ Tiff Dollaz introduced  Artist of the Month to the platform. This artist will be nominated by staff, voted by the people, and will lead our playlist for the month. This month winner is Nazzy, an independent artist from Utica, who dropped a new album called Autumn's Calling in August and has been getting a ton of traction! He leads this month playlist for us.  

Remember, the purpose of this playlist is to introduce you guys to these artists. Playlists increases an artist's reach and chance for discovery,  so encourage followers, share and Repost.  For more details, check out the article, Spotify Cheat Codes and Apple Cheat Codes

  1. Nazzy- Your Body 
  2. Richie Evans- One Time  
  3. Live Johnson- Legendary
  4. Nikko Tesla- Hustlers Utopia  
  5. Ru$ Grey- Sesame Chicken 
  6. Prince Smith- What That Mind Do
  7. Ron Teri- Flat Line  
  8. Adriiian- Ode to Brooklyn 
  9. Stratz- Likkle More 
  10. Justin Witter- DIYH
  11. Richard Pigkaso- Die Alone
  12. Shower Thoughts- Insiders
  13. Big L.C.T- Lit 
  14. Erica Avery- Letter to My Ex 
  15. Ya Boy Majik-  The Potion 
These are some dope artists and they put in the work to be great.  Definitely follow them on social media. Repost, share, and follow this playlist. We want to hear your thoughts on these artists. Enjoy!