Meko Sky - Thx 4 Listening (Album Review)

Yes, this one is personal to me. Well outside help pushing the song that didn't even make the album, Distance, Meko Sky went all in on making himself the most diverse person on the underground music scene, Thx 4 Listening places him firmly in a lane of his own.

Throughout his time on radio on WVMR, Meko Sky promised a new more diverse artist on this project and he definitely gave that, as present on "Sorry" which he gives a full reason why not only this project took so long but what to expect... and "Road" solidified that. Bar for bar, Meko & Hookz Murdock showed some very interesting chemistry and dynamic not only great for this album but also makes you clamor for more.

Another standout has to be the sexually charged "Club Atlantis" which has to be the biggest standout not only for Meko's "wake up tone" but Quest surprisingly impressive bedroom storytelling that is sure to leave any doubters of his satisfied with his growth.

But it's two tracks, one the "Unholy" interlude and "Ex Files" that seemingly makes you feel unfinished. While this is not a bad thing, "Unholy"'s sample that delivers just in time after MLK Day along with Sky's braggadocios flow reminiscent of "The Boy" that just wants this as a actual cut and not a bridge between two songs. Same goes for "Ex Files" which fully impresses me with the Ei8th boss improvement on fluid storytelling w/ tip toeing in the club banger realm... just sucks the song is only 2:56 long.

While you can read my review and purchase (which we suggest) Thx 4 Listening now, or not, Meko Sky expected this to drop in November of last year... but the extra time taken to make this project the best body of work he could release makes this worth the wait.

Throw the X up like the Bronx is Wakanda. 

- DJ Mainstream

Meko Sky - Thx 4 Listening

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