A Minute With Mainstream: It's The Roc

When I was growing up, nothing mattered more to me than getting my own Rocafella chain and being apart of that label. It seemed like it was everything as a kid... to be the hustler from Brooklyn.

It was in the “Put Ya Hands Up” video that changed everything for me. It was the chain, the blue Yankee, and the leather puff jacket. Seemed like that man was invincible.

But to get to the point of what makes him so successful; it was the eventual change of presentation, applying personal experience to the music, and the key element: learning. If the Brooklyn MC we call a legend taught us anything is that he applied what he learned to the same craft that brought him so much.

It seems like that’s a past tense ability now. No one wants to learn. I sat under several learning trees before the realization that rather than be with the ROC I could be VM (4 life). So here’s a free lesson.

1) be observant of those who may become your competition later. Watch their pitfalls, their mistakes, and their success. Find a way to use what works for them, remix it, then apply it to yourself.

2) become the watcher. Some rush to jump head first in a realm they have no idea how to be in. Patience can be a virtue and a major key. Plan 3, 6, 9 months, a year ahead JUST in case and finally

3) prepare for the worst. Business calls it “the red” and “in the green” for a reason. This is why “on sale” exist. You have to always prepare when the product doesn’t move or concepts don’t work. And don’t afraid to think outside the box. 

That Marcy MC rapped over an Annie sample and dropped a project w/ rock band. Nothing is too crazy. As long as you can make it work.

No, I’m not the most successful person out there, I’m just the one who actually takes the time to talk to you. Remember, getting a post on Voiceless Music is still free.

- DJ Mainstream

“We offer our lives, what do you bring to the table?”


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