Scorpio P - Director's Notes (Album Review)

There’s much to know about the talented Phil Williams. From screenplay writer, director to radio personality, the Queens native has also presented us with impressive music as well. But fresh off the heralded Street Food EP, his debut project Directors Notes looks to swing for the fences.

Reviewing this opening act without mentioning the singles “All Day”, “Unchain You” and “Dreams Of Broadway” would be an injustice but those songs didn’t define this album. Let's present this differently:

Act 1: we celebrate his lyrical ability to stand solid with two Voiceless Music Award winners Millszy and Live Johnson. A bonafide street anthem, “Ambition” didn’t need a fancy guest DJ or even any added elements as Scorpio P brings that song alive from chorus to verse...

Act 2: however, it’s the impressive growth from being under the learning tree that comes evident, as Bizzy Bee and P show enormous chemistry on “Kickin It” which fits perfectly into both MCs style while giving us 2019 (insert any legendary duo here). And then we become enamoured with the trap-like feel “Class Clown” which was a surprising eye-opener from the norm...

Act 3: But it’s the teary eyed “Sister Ethel” that completes the project perfectly as Scorpio P, in his young wisdom, pulls us in with this very personal and emotional record.

This was a surprising and solid follow up from Street Food. Good enough for a few future nominations? Sure. The casual Hip-Hop fan got what it needs: samples used corretop-notch notch features, and this great saxophone player. No idea who it is though but buy the album and let me know if you find out.

- DJ Mainstream

Scorpio P - Directors Notes

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