A Minute With Mainstream: Monéa

"You don't have to change yourself to fit the standards of what society think is beautiful"

Society labels us as a group of unintellectual human beings who slave in front a 32" watching reality TV and complain to social media to a population they'll never meet (unless you the 19% who met their spouse online). For some of us, its a way to socialize with like-minded individuals all determined to establish themselves as unique beings. And I say beings because one friend of mine is truly not of this world. For today's Minute With Mainstream, I interview a real-life alien... Monéa.

Mainstream: Hello Monéa. Or do I call you the Naked Alien? Either way, thank you for doing this interview with me.

Monéa: (Laughs) You can call me Monéa. And thanks for having me.

Awesome and no problem at all. So brand ambassador, model, an entertaining figure on social media, what can’t Monéa do?

Can’t? What’s that? (Laughs) just kidding. Well, I can’t keep up with myself that’s for sure, too many ideas and thoughts. I’m all over the place.

Which is fine. Never not busy is the movement. But for those who may not know you, what would be the best way to describe who you are?

I’m just a nude alien model goddess trying to inspire females to be comfortable in their skin by embracing their nakedness.

Now that’s dope because there is a big difference between personal expression and artistic representation. So being someone whose bringing that artistic side to the forefront is a bold stance. But what made you want to?

I became a nude model to gain confidence in myself. We live in a world now that tells us we have to be a certain size to be pretty. I’m a little girl and being little isn’t in right now. It’s all about having the big butts now and even though there is nothing wrong with having a big butt if you don’t have one you are usually criticized by it. It made it insecure (about) my natural body so one day I was like fuck it. Obviously, I’m not gonna get bigger so why not love what I was blessed with. I’m so glad I took that step because it made me feel confident and empowered. (Laughs) I actually think I’m more comfortable naked than with clothes on. I want other women to feel that same way. They need to know it’s okay to feel beautiful in the skin you are in and you don’t have to change yourself to fit the standards of what society think is beautiful!

I like that because I hate standards. Standards tell us we have to be this perfect size and weight and shit and if it isn’t society it’s social media and television. The fact you're stepping out to display that confidence is bold so I applaud you for that. But even with that, what’s the goal? Your own modelling company? Brand?

Ugh (laughs) I hate that question. I’m a ‘live in the moment’ type of person; I feel like if I make plans things won’t go the way I want and I’ll end up disappointed. I mean at the end of the day the true goal is to be happy. I want to die happy with no regrets. And if in this life I can inspire a few people along the way I will truly die happy. I don’t know (rolls eyes), I hate that question. I don’t wanna try to predict my future or become unhappy trying to make that future a reality. Besides the way my brain works I’ll be interested in one thing one hour and trying to do a whole different thing the next.

I think we need more open-minded people like you cause I think that ends up being a setup for a fail. If we become too goal-oriented then what happens when we meet that goal. But it does bring up something interesting. We know each other through the power of social media specifically Twitter where you are a character (laughs) how important is that social media interaction for you?

I don’t care about social media. I don’t do things for social media. I do them for me and I post it on social media and people happen to like me. It’s nice knowing that people like what you do and what you stand for and it’s great for networking. But I feel like social media adds a lot of pressure, people are trying to live up to this certain lifestyle and if you feel like you’re not it can cause you to look at yourself differently or even become depressed. I care about my fans and I appreciate them so much but if it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t even log into social media.

Like how you go on hiatus for days (laughs), it’s funny because if I didn’t own my company or did events I don’t think I could be on it every day. It’s too much negativity that’s diluted the idea of just coming on Facebook or Instagram and be social. But then again there’s also the benefit like making friends of aliens like I have with you. Have you dealt with any of the ugliness of social media?

Of course, I have... who hasn’t. But if the person not in my area code to the point where I can pull up it’s not worth it. Unless I’m in the mood for human entertainment, I may go back and forth. I find it funny how someone can be so mad and have so much beef towards people they don’t even know.

Oh man, that is the story of social media. So much energy for people more turns likely we will never meet and yet we stress over them as if our lives depended on it. I have no time and I’m sure you do not either. Switching to more positives, based on your vibe, you truly set yourself apart from all others. Where does that inspiration come from?

I believe my soul is 2,256 years old. I don’t believe my soul started on this planet. Hence why I call myself an alien. I’ve always been different. I see things differently from the rest of the world and I guess that’s what makes me stand out. I have no inspiration, I am simply just being myself. The human/alien me.

True to self. I admire it. Cause too many people fake who they are and you know who you are. I respect that. As were closing up, do you have anything special coming up or anything you wanna announce to the world that your working on?

I’m working on a few things. I’m dropping another video May 23rd, I’m starting a lipstick like adult comic book series, and much more. I have a lot of ideas I just have to put them in motion.

Woah I can’t wait to see and be there for all of it. Any shoutouts before we go?

Ummmm, check out my video on Vimeo it’s called NUDE! Shoutout to all the beautiful black women out there and strong black men fighting every day to make it in this fucked up world! And remember to ‘Embrace Your Nakedness’.

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