A Minute With Mainstream: Michael Bostic

"I told myself I'd never take time for granted ever again"

You've heard the old saying that a leopard never changes its spots? People will make you believe that no matter what you go through, albeit adversity, triumph, heartache, death or success, your character will never falter. You are what you've been. But for today's A Minute With Mainstream guest, it's not about changing character, it's about changing his outlook on life for the better. Today's feature is a man on a path of redemption; Every Dollar Counts member Michael Bostic.

Mainstream: Michael Bostic, what’s good bro thanks for taking the time to do this interview.

Michael Bostic: Man, it’s all good. Thank you for having me, man.

So let’s not shoot the shit too long. You came outta nowhere like a house of fire over the past few months. Where has this motivation come from?

I’ve been doing this music shit for so long, one day I woke up and said it’s now or never. I was just recently released from prison on a short stay. I told myself I’d never take time for granted ever again.

I didn’t know if you wanted to speak on it but yes it’s been mentioned you were on a prison sentence but before that, you made waves with A L.O.V.E. Story. Did the sentence hurt your push of that project?

I feel like when I dropped A L.O.V.E. Story, it was because I knew my fate. I knew what was going to happen to me already so I wanted something out there to say “Look, I’m here.” But me being gone didn’t help, but it didn’t hurt either in my opinion. Where I’m at in the music game now I could (and will) rerelease it as if it’s brand new

Which is true because that project put you on a lot is different radars from radio to print. I’ve seen it first hand with some of the music that was pushed on WVMR when we were open. But music aside, what has changed mentally since being locked up?

I just have a different drive now. My mindset is to get it. Put out the best music I can. Give people something they can listen to for years to come. I want to be remembered with the greats of r&b. 10 years from now I want my music being played on people’s playlist.

Which fits perfectly into this claim of being king of R&B. (Laughs) So, all jokes aside from Mel Sama claiming you the “Bobby Brown of the Indies”, I remember correctly you made it public that you are ready for the crown. With “Confused” already bubbling and more music on the way, what sets you apart of some of the heavyweights were use to on the underground and unsigned scene?

I think I’m more old school with r&b. I’ve studied it since I was young and when it comes to singing I’ve never felt like I have to merge with the trend. What I do is Rhythm and Blues. What they do is a merge between Hip Hop and pop. We are not the same.

I’m glad you said that because I have seen other artists go a more pop route which is a norm these days on the major scene. Do you ever see yourself turning that leaf and having more of that sound?

I could do it. I mean, I do hip hop and I do it well. If I wanted to garner fame, accolades, clout, and all that other stuff, I’d do it. I’m not in this for the money. I’m in it for the love of music. A lot of these artists don’t have the love for music anymore. They wanna fit in. Music isn’t a trend for me. It’s my lifeblood. I was in love with music before I loved any woman.

Now that’s deep. I remember when I made that first step to being a DJ, I fell in love with the sound. The beat. Then the lyrics. It’s why I’ve always looked up to Tedsmooth and his ability to remix. Who do you look up to or admire in the game today?

I’m not a fan of a lot of the newer guys. But from the group of guys out that have impressed me, R&B wise, I love PartyNextDoor. When I was locked up his music got me thru my whole sentence. Sabrina Claudio, Tori Kelly, Kehlani also. I’m still a huge fan of Craig David, Marques Houston, and Mint Condition.

You threw it back! Bro MH use to be the man, Omarion too. You speaking to someone who loves the old school vs. the new. Ok, not getting too caught up on just music, you are now apart of Every Dollar Counts which feels like its growing by the minute. How did that come about?

Well, I watched Live Johnson grow his group. Here I am, fresh out of prison and just released "Confused". Because of the connection Live and I have had, being that we’re frequent collaborators, I said it makes the perfect fit. I really came aboard to give Live support and watch this team grow. I can’t do this forever so I want to give the jewels that I’ve learned to the guys who are new to the indies.

Which I am sure he appreciates because I've watched Live for years become the man he is today constantly build his relationships to go sour but to see the brotherhood you and he have is amazing. Now that you are apart of the group, what's the goal? I've seen so many groups come and go due to in-fighting, drama and even creating drama with others. What do you think sets y'all apart?

I think the goal right now is to be successful. I want everyone in the group, including Live, to be the best artist they can be. As for me, I’m feeding off of everyone’s energy.

I think what sets us apart from other groups is that everyone has their own lane. No one in the group sounds the same but we can come together and make great music. We listen to each other’s suggestions and we talk to each other about our gripes when we have them. It’s a brother/sisterhood for real. We’re all family and we push ourselves to be better. It also helps that we have fun with it. If you’re not having fun doing music, what are we doing it for?

I can’t do nothing but respect it because at the end of the day nobody wins when the family feuds. And the fact that you can come in as a family to this collective is amazing in itself. Ok so as we wrap up I have to ask, who do you feel your biggest threat right now?

Right now, my biggest threat is myself. And that’s no shot to anyone out there. Only I can derail myself. Only I can stop myself from being the best that I know I am. If I’m not constantly bringing this music, then I’m only wasting my time and talent. I fear no one in the indie scene and no one can take me from what I’m destined to do and be.

Ah man, remind me when the first time I heard "Motions". First thing I said was your hook was refreshing. Never waver, man, cause I remember the emails you sent me and I dubbed you a lot of times before taking you as a threat and it was that song that open my eyes on your talent. Any shoutouts before we're done?

Yeah. Let me shout out EDC. I’m proud of y’all and all that we're about to accomplish. Also wanna shout out my brother Jemyle Jones who literally kept me going when I wanted to give this up. And shout outs to the fans who have made Confused the success it has been. And you, DJ Mainstream. Thank you for the continuous support and the platform for us indie artist to feel like we’re artist and not just dollar signs.

The grind never stops bro, appreciate you for doing this.

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