So "Now What" Toya?

In an age where R&B is lost somewhere in between EDM and Trap Toya Nash is hell bent on separating herself from the norm. Her beat selection has a funky 70's theme to it which appropriately fits her voice. Often compared to Chaka Khan which I can understand why although I would say their voices are distinctly different. Personally, I'd say she has a resemblance of Ciara at times. If you listen closely to the second half of the hook where Toya's range goes higher and her voice gets softer you can better understand what I mean.

I love it when a video coincides with the lyrics and feel of the song. It may not seem like it at first but just watch the whole video and you will see that it has a very "explosive" ending. The lyrics were cleverley worded and easy to relate to. The opening lines go as followed... "I didn't mind that you came with baggage just mad that you didn't unpack it". That's something that I can safely say that both men and women can agree is problematic and Toya addresses it head on.

With songs, videos and a voice like this it's not gonna be hard at all for Toya Nash to stand out from the competition. Check out Toya Nash' video "Now What" right here on Voiceless Music and be sure to also follow her too.

Instagram: @mstoyanash
Youtube: Toya Nash
Facebook: Toya Nash


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