Santikii - Color Your Hair (feat. Prince Smith)

There's something about rebranding that I enjoy. I guess it's the feeling of a fresh restart. Or shedding the past to start a new is a rewarding feeling. In any sense of the word, 2019 Voiceless Music Awards MC of the Year, Santikii (formerly Reezy Boipelo) has brought a new name and somewhat new attitude to his already growing music base. 

Enlisting another Voiceless Music veteran into the fold, the talented Prince Smith, Santi releases and simplified R&B/Pop style record that can go perfect with an afternoon drive or a night of Disney+ and Drink with the person you wanna share a nightcap with.

An impressive entry into the 4Q with this single, 1/2 of Cambriia Rose drops "Color Your Hair". Check it out below.


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