Josiah Williams - Proud To Be (Official Video)

If you aren't a wrestling fan then you aren't aware of the greatness of World Wrestling Entertainment's third network televised brand, NXT. Geared for those who love the in-ring work, the show has really set a trend for pro wrestling. 

But in the highlight of that, it is WWE's Performance Center and it's athletes and staff that deserve the credit. More specifically for this post, it's resident MC Josiah Williams. Previously featured here along two other superstars, the Wrestle & Flow general continues to bridge the gap between music and wrestling that has been solidified for generations. 

Today, he brings us into Black History Month with this ode to the African American entertainers of the NXT brand and all brands across the WWE with this music video.
There's no other way to be black this month than being "Proud To Be". 

Check it out below.