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Graphic designing. It's one of the most difficult things to do depending on the client, the style, and even the form of programs you use. In hindsight, it's the most important form of a task for all forms of business because what appears in a logo, artwork, banner, etc. is what your clients and the public see before you even get a 'hello'. One of those people helping further that is today's guest for A Minute with Mainstream, the owner of Beautee GFX.

DJ Mainstream: Hello how are you? Thank you for taking this interview. So what should I call you? Ms. Beautee GFX or something else?

Beautee GFX: Hi I’m doing very well and yourself? Thank you so much for having me, it’s really a pleasure. Yes you can call me Tee Tee, which is my nickname

Great! Now it seems graphic designing is a rare art. So many people look for graphics but don’t realize the time that goes into it. How did you start doing graphic designing?

One of Beautee GFX specialties is taking someone's photo and turning into their artwork

I agree with you! Well I started graphic designing in 2015. I was introduced to the Photoshop program that year. I grew such a great interest as I started learning more and more about the program, and the different elements it offers. I’ve always had such a huge love for art as a child. I was the student that always had an A in Art class (laughs). I was also the kid who knew how to draw and loved it. I lost some interest in art once I reached high school due to a bit of discouragement, but the artistry still dwelled in me. My creative side was still looking for a way to be creative. So years later when I expressed my interest in art, to a music producer, he then introduced me to Photoshop. It was a like a rebirth to my artistry. I am self-taught, so I just began creating different graphics from cover arts to logos and now I’m actually getting into filming and editing videos.

Wait, wait. So now graphics, logos, artwork and you’re doing editing videos too? Damn so you must have a lot of free time on your hands. I’m sure each one takes up a lot of time. And requires a lot of patience.

Outside of logos, Beautee GFX also does flyers

Yes yes! It’s an up and coming type of thing. I’m still learning etc. well since I’ve had my daughter who is only 1, I haven’t had as much time as I did before she was born. The editing of graphics, logos as well as learning all these other things are very time consuming, and man let me tell you, having patience is s gift I’m still holding a grasp of, but so far I’ve been managing being a mom as well as trying to “perfect” my craft in graphic design
Which is great especially being a mother while also balancing a work life. Wait I specifically remember hearing or seeing that you are in school as well? Where do you have the time?
Yes I am currently in school on top of all that I’ve mentioned. I’m studying Graphic fine arts, so sometimes feel as though time does not exist. I always have an upcoming project, whether if it’s for school or my own personal business. However it is such a blessing because I enjoy what I do, and I thank God every day. My biggest enemy is rest.
OK so outside of all of that including going to school where is your free time? The one thing I’ve noticed for a lot of entrepreneurs is also finding time for themselves which makes it easier to be more centered and also be more productive with their work

 Well to be completely honest, I have no free time. Free time and personal time no longer exist, for now at least. When I do have a few hours to myself, I’m usually catching up with work. Free time is very rare.

Amen to that it become the norm especially for entrepreneurs to be busy at all times and maintain consistency. However president of graphics do you have any other hobbies you focus on?

Yes that is so true! As of recently, it’s been project after project, and I am so grateful. So right now no, I’m mainly focusing in my graphics and as I mentioned before, I am learning other things in the arts field. So my next hobby I’ll be pursuing is video production

Voiceless Music referred this client to Tee Tee via Imperial World Wrestling!

Nice. Listen I just made a statement to someone recently that you have to be able to multiply your talents in every way so you’re headed in the right direction. So I had a friend who did graphics and my wife does as well, and I see the struggles dealing with people. What’s the hardest thing dealing with people when it comes to creating something for someone?
The hardest thing is dealing with a customer who says they don’t know what they want, use your creativity. You create something, then they magically know exactly what it is they want. So I recreate, then they change their mind..... Again. That has to be the most annoying thing I’ve dealt with.

OK guys that means less pain in the ass and be reasonable with her please (laughs).

Yes be reasonable people! (Laughs)

So as we wind down here on the interview, there’s a question I wanted to ask. You’ve worked with many artists, any one of them are currently your favorite musically?

Cover art, created by her, for one of Tee Tee's favorite artist, Prince Smith
 So yes I have worked with so many artists. I will have to say my favorite artist is Prince Smith. Top, top favorite. Well for one, I love his music, and how versatile he is. His vision alongside mine, allows me to broaden my creativity. Also Terrance Howard aka Mr. TKO, and Zeke Jaye are literally the easiest artist I have work with because they allow me to be creative.

Great! Anything else you’d like to share to the masses before we sign off here?

Yes actually. If you have a passion for something, go for it! Don’t allow anyone to stare you away from whatever it may be. Keep reaching for the stars!

Thanks for the interview!

No thank you!

Beautee GFX also does banner work as well for social media

Follow Beautee GFX on Instagram: Instagram


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