Scorpio P - D.O.B. (The Prequel) (Official Video)

 The pandemic may have slowed down the grind of many independent artists across the world, but for the ones who've adapted to their surroundings they've haven't let the pandemic affect their content. That statement embodies who Scorpio P is. 

The former multi-time Voiceless Music Awards nominee, via Instagram live, announced a new EP on the way titled Street Food 2 - Visual Merchandising. And with Street Food 2 on the way, he harkens back to the impressive "Dreams of Broadway" by giving us a new visual set as a prequel to the hit single. 

Embracing the pandemic ridden streets of New York's famed Broadway, Scorpio P drops today's bar heavy feature visual. 

Live from the bright lights and big city, it's the video to "D.O.B. (The Prequel)". Check it out below.


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