Hookz Murdock - Dunder Mifflin Freestyle (Official Video)

It's too often that we have said during this pandemic that the music industry of the world has kept their best under wraps. But when it's time to release it to the masses, it's about bringing heat heading into 2021. And with much preparation Voiceless Music Awards nominee Hookz Murdock returns to the forefront.

Throughout 2019 into 2020, the incomparable Hookz has been rolling with his Dutch Treats companion Enonomous releasing a hit project and droppings some of the most visually impressive flicks we've seen. But shifting back solo while devising Love And Other Drugs, Hookz returns to his 'office' with a new freestyle and brings us his new visual straight from the mailroom. 

With the impactful sentence: 'just like Dunder Mifflin, make sure that paper is right', Hookz brings us the visual to his "Dunder Mifflin Freestyle". Check it out below.


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