Bridget Perez - Loosies (EP Review)

Amongst a time when we’ve been use to 12 to 15 track albums, the dope collection of artists independently have give us a small sample of what they can deliver with a project. For Bridget Perez, a 3 track opus is more than enough for you to know she’s is still one of R&B most underrated artists. Hit the bodega at 12am, it’s time for some Loosies.

Perez may have been off our radar for a while, but it doesn’t mean she couldn’t bring herself back as the kick off, “Say It” harmonizes love unsaid in such a calm tone. It’s a soft, subtle way to bring us back to the love in the world, not just the sex.

It’s a pitch perfect way to lead us into “Then There’s You” that shows off nothing but the Marsha Ambrosius tone that Bridget gave us almost 3 years ago when we first featured the New Yorker. It’s classy feel with a vintage filter over a bright R&B landscape.

But to close, she enlists another VM vet in Sha Summers who comes through with the Method Man vibes sprinkled with a A$AP Rocky as he props up the canvas for Perez to splash the creativity with her sensual undertones; a true way to end this surprising drop from the young songstress.

If Loosies is a way for us to be reminded of who Bridget Perez is then, yes, we see you. Just don’t disappear on us again.

- Mainstream

Bridget Perez - Loosies (EP Review)

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