Nala Jay - Cruisin'


It’s academic at this point that when the heatwave hit, schools out, beach open and everyone outside, the soundtrack of the summer solstice always include that one chill song. Nine times outta ten it serves as the memory of how lit the season was.

Enter Sounds 2 Loud, LLC artist Nala Jay. Name sounds familiar? Well of course! She's the talentd songstress whose been linked with the multi-time Voiceless Music Awards winner Meko Sky who has constantly been on the cusp of greatness since working with the sound of the Bronx.

Fast forward, and 2021 summer is here and Nala is ready to set the tone. Like we said earlier in this post, every Summer needs that track.. that Amerie tone setter, that memorable Cassie-like vibe and that’s what Miss Jay gave up. Drop top or not, the four wheelers on tilt, it’s a Big Apple Summer and “Cruisin” is on 100. 

New single out now below.


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