Dallis M - Let Time Pass (EP Review)

There's something to be said about an artist who is willing to break out the mold of what standard R&B is suppose to look like.. because most singers are now rappers and the genre has literally become a sub culture of what it once was. Gone are the days of Keke Wyatt, Vivian Green and Faith Evans gracing us with heartbreak, pain and opposite sex triumph. But while all music evolves, there is nothing wrong with jumping in the time machine and deliver us from evil with soul. 

That sums up the delivery of Let Time Pass, the debut project and EP from Dallis M

While this has been executive produced by Juanito Jones, that specific is an afterthought to how Dallis curated her voice to fit the Hip-Hop/Soul tone when it comes to the production she has been provided. That's evident in the lead track and title song "Let Time Pass". The same goes for the playfully "Love Me That Way" which gives listeners' Dallis more easy going tone impressing those with her lyrics more than just power in her voice. 

Add on the Juanito assisted "Tease" and the head nodder in Venom, and you can find yourself invested in what the songstress will bring next. Especially with out choice single, the lyrically interesting and WBLS sound of "Validation" which is sure to give the ladies of the world something to add to their Instagram stories for weeks to come.

As the old saying goes, don't go for the home run... just get on base. This was the nature of Dallis' EP. Let's see what she swings for next...

- Mainstream

Dallis M: Let Time Pass EP

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