Punky The Singer - Comfortable

Social media can be a dangerous tool or a powerful weapon, end of the day its all about perception and your view of the world. For the world of the entertainment business, it’s using social media for what it is… a way to display who you are either for personal gain or professional gain. For our illustrious website, we find ways to discovered untapped talent from all walks of life. For example, today we give you the Boston songstress, Punky The Singer.

 Discovered during an interesting time on Twitter a few weeks ago (#Fleetnik anyone?), the Beantown bombshell has been cranking out music all throughout the pandemic with no end in sight. So with her birthday literally passing a few days ago, the “Unknown Caller” singer decides to give us all a harmonizing present with today’s feature.

Reminiscent of the soft vocalization of Cassie but sultriness of Jhene Aiko, Punky lets him know how relax you can be in her presence. It’s her new single “Comfortable”; check it out the preview and purchase/stream below.


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