Varn Curtis x Kice - Purple Rain Freestyle

It's almost the end of the year and in turn, the end of the 4 Quarter for music artists. As we've begun the holiday season, some artists have geared to releasing holiday music or focusing on the releases for upcoming new year. Not Varn Curtis though.

  If you let Varn Curtis tell it, and by the look of his numbers here on Voiceless Music statistically, 2021 was his best year overall as a artist. Between project releases, freestyles, singles, and merch, the Queens, New York native refuses to slow down as he plans to end this year on a high note.

Proof of that is today's feature, which clearly shows Curtis, and fellow artist Kice, is not looking to let up with the pressure as they take on a classic record... shit even the cover art is fire! As we await what 2022 has in store, check out the Dime Bag Don's latest and last release of this year, "Purple Rain Freestyle" below.


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