BREAKING: Varn Curtis Joins Voiceless Music Staff as Content Creator; Develops #Groundwork20

After formally resurrecting the brand, we here at Voiceless Music continue to strive for better for all forms of art. But for this breaking announcement, we focus on our past by re-branding and re-building our impact with music.

We expand on a classic and put a new spin on it. 

As of June 13th, we have added Varn Curtis to our staff as our official Spotify Content Creator. With this position, Varn will be handling the new Voiceless Music sponsored playlist #Groundwork20 playlist.

Monthly, Varn and his Groundwork Global brand will choose the top 20 songs for the month from the artist featured on our website and promote them here!

Check out this month's selections below highlighted by Prince Smith, Nala Jay, Don Warbucks, and Sueheidy!