Nazzy - Love Me Or Not? (Official Music Video)

In this current era of music, the drill sound has begun to dominate the Hip Hop genre. While some of it has been a blend of Diddy like sampling with that sped up rapping that made us sick of these industry plants (looking at you CJ), there are some tracks worth putting on repeat. 

For former Voiceless Music Awards nominee Nazzy, it’s all in the details and changing with the times. Subsequently coining the genre ‘DrillnB’, combining this era rap tones to R&B lyrics, the Upstate New York native has created a catchy love song with the full drill bop. 

Throw in a Tik Tok dance coming soon, and we are sure the Letter to My Exes MC is looking for viral status with his new visual. Check out Nazzy's new single “Love Me or Not?” video below. 


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