BeMyFiasco - U And I (Official Music Video)

R&B carries a different type of weight when it comes to music. Music from the heart and the soul, that good love song will put you in a mood like no other.

"I actually felt stuck in the writing process [for this song]. It took Tay some additional convincing and the magic of our pens to complete the record. The addition of Devin Morrison on the backgrounds was also a surprising final touch. It is now the most popular song on the album. I can't say it was one specific relationship that sparked the creation of this song but a culmination of them all. 

Continuing to set that bar is Dallas native BeMyFiasco, who is currently pushing her debut album Where I Left You, to drive that pursuit of the old adage 'love and happiness'. Maybe she can find that in her video co-star, Wu-Tang: An American Saga actor Marcus Callendar?! 

Either way, the songstress gives us a lil' Vivian Green on this latest release that is sure to caress your ears. 

Check out the Felicia Pride (Grey's Anatomy) directed visual to "U And I" below.


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