A Minute With Mainstream: Legacy

So I sat here and wondered how does this brand kick off the new year after being on brand (and off brand) for the majority of the past two years... it's simple: we start from the beginning.

As we continue to evolve as humans, our goals constantly change. Either we’re applying ourselves for a greater purpose, or we are fulfilling our time by taking in the knowledge that is readily available.

For me, it’s a little of both with the realization of high key hood motto: fear no man expect the Lord above. Voiceless Music was (and is) my outlet, my ability to impact the music industry in my own eyes and with my own opinions. This correlated into radio, podcasts and many other avenues.

But if I realized anything about the music and entertainment industry, you are what they perceive you. If you provide the world with a fake, hyper tuned version of yourselves, then YOU WILL be exposed.

If you are the best true version of yourself “with the volume turned to 100” then you will be rewarded.

Talent over tenure. My 10+ years don’t mean shit; it’s about doing the work AGAIN!

And with the hottest chick in the game wearing my chain, I do not plan to falter again. Cause when I fail, it means you’ve failed… it means I almost let YOU down. But I’m not taking shit back. This is a declaration.

“One for the treble, two for the bass…
Welcome to the great incredible paper chase
Keep your boots laced if you wanna keep pace”

the Voice of the Voiceless

(Thank you Mrs. Mainstream)

There’s a smile on my face… Are you happy for me?


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