Michael Bostic - A LOVE Story, Chapter 2 (EP Review)

 Good R&B music has unusually been touch and go in the music industry as of late. But that’s nothing new as more crooners have started to become MCs. The conundrum is not all singers can be spittas (sorry); however, Michael Bostic is the rarity. Since dropping A L.O.V.E. Story, Chapter 1 almost 4 years ago, we’ve clamored for the Queens native to give us more bedroom boom. Today, the wait is over, as we turn the page on Chapter II.

I have long stated that Bostic is your traditional R&B artist in an untraditional era. So when you hear the first song and first single, “Bad”, you should automatically be transported back into the 90s/2000s era where the music that was released made the genre great. No over sexualized terms or buzz words, just simplistic harmony that could be heard on mainstream radio today.

That also holds true to the EP’s latest single, as Bostic 'talks that talk' with “Dangerous”, which it could EASILY be placed into WBLS rotation today if they existed. The Quiet Storm aside, his soft tones, clever storytelling aligned with an infectious beat... I mean let's be honest, he's giving enough context on this record to be a BET After Dark soundtrack.

And while the EP includes the previously released, WVMR heavy rotation featured "Confused" and the pop influenced "More Than Friends", for me, it's the undeniable chemistry he has with former Mr. Voiceless Music Kony Brooks on "Come Home" that stands out the most.

While it was enough to provide that between the sheets sound from Michael, Kony adds that Bronx flavor to an industry-standard level track that begs for this song to get a visual. Only time will tell if that wish comes true...

In any event, the truth is A Love Story, Chapter 2 holds up to it's predecessor, which means time is our greatest benefit. But we can only hope Chapter 3 can come sooner rather than later right? Because when you set the bar, or in his case IS the bar in R&B, you gotta give the people what they want...

- Mainstream


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