A Minute With Mainstream: Another Damn Rebrand?

 We've done this song and dance before, haven't we?

Rebrands, restarts, and try again. But for Voiceless Music, it's about standing the test of time and being able to blog like many of the blogs before us. I've done my best to do the proverbial ' fight the good fight' but Lord help me it has not been easy.

But now that I've given myself some time to breathe, and have a proper vacation, I figured it was time to change things up again. 

Please remember to breathe...

Going forward, Voiceless Music will be moderated by me but run by YOU.

You wanna be posted on Voiceless Music? You got it. 

You have a story to tell? Share it with us.

Something happened that you think the world should know? We will let you tell the story.

Like to put a company, business, or representative on blast? It's open mic night here.

YOU write it up. YOU get the links. I post it here. Either by email at admin@voicelessmusic.com, Facebook message, Instagram message, random tweet (or whatever Elon wants to call it today)

The Player's Tribune for the Independent Thinkers.

Shoutout to the Captain...

Voiceless Music has always done what it can for artists, business owners, podcasters, etc. but now we do it for you... the consumer. Now, get to writing. 

Oh and let's go Knicks.

- DJ Mainstream


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