#VoicelessMusicRadio Episode #120: We Gotta Do Better & The Debut Of Voiceless Court (Podcast & Video Replay)

This past week on Voiceless Music Radio on FLOEmpireRadio.com...

The Pulse Of New York's DJ Mastermind, Lady Sen and guests SpecialT, Bizzy Bee and LoyalTC bare witness of the wrath of DJ Mainstream as the first ever Voiceless Court!

And the person on the stand: Karen Civil
And the people on the stand: the "plugs"

Also on the show, Blackout Da Rebel who discussed his upbringing in music, his feelings after For The Love Of Music showcase and his plans for 2016!

Missed this epic episode? Check out the podcast and video replay below.


  1. Really had a great time on the show with you guys. Can't wait to come back...keep doing your thing!


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