WVMR Forms WVMReel; Darkside Radio Host named VP, Trippy Radio Host named Creative Director & Loud Silence Host To Star In New Movie!

With the ever growing market in entertainment, WVMR is looking to expand is current stronghold from just the radio scene and move in to the world of film.

As seen above by the illustrious work of Live Johnson, we are creating WVMReel, our official film division which will serve as an extension of Voiceless Music and WVMR. Being placed as VP of that division will be Darkside Radio’s own Blackout The Rebel, who will serve as direct link to our owner DJ Mainstream but also be producer to all WVMReel films. Joining him will be Shaa of Trippy Radio who will oversee writing and creative direction of the firm alongside Blackout. Both will oversee submissions to assist up and coming film makers looking to develop their visions on a platform geared towards the thinkers of the film world.

And what’s a film division without a first project as we are in development of our first film, a untitled project being develop by DJ Mainstream, Blackout The Rebel and starring Loud Silence’s own Meko Sky!

We hope to have more information soon but in the meantime, welcome to WVMReel, the Film Home of the Independent!


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