Breaking News: Ant the Rebel (DJ AO) creates his first event.

Claim the Throne, is an event that I have been planning since the beginning of my semester.  Seeing the works of Cool Chellz, DJ Mainstream, Blackout the Rebel,  and Katie Kay, it was only right for the most pettiest one to create his own event. 

Claim the Throne will occur on January 13th, in Harlem, New York at Harlem Nights. Doors will open at 7 and the showcase will start at 8. The goal of this event is to see what these independent artists have to offer since there are so many artists. It will feature 8 artists from various genres. It is not a competition, but a test to see whether some of these artists are worthy for this game we call "Music".  In addition, we will have two vendors. They will be selling some art work and apparels. It will be a night of music and fun. 

I am inviting all artists and media to come network and have fun. It is always fun when you are 
Kickin it w. DJ AO (Ant the Rebel). 

For further details, contact me:  

See ya there. 


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