Breaking News: The Return of Voiceless Music Variety

Some of you might not know, but this is probably one of the most important blogs here at Voicelessmusic.  It is the return of Voicelessmusic Variety.  Voicelessmusic Variety is a monthly newsletter that involves our hottest article, an artist spotlight, and upcoming events for artists to perform at or just attend.  This will be the center for artist to promote their events as well.  And it's only a one time deposit of $1 to stay updated constantly with Voicelessmusic Variety. So make sure to read clearly because we will guide you to success.

Below we will give you the guidelines on how to register and some of our expectations

How to Register for Voicelessmusic Variety: 
  • You can register for Voicelessmusic Variety by square cashing us $1 @$voicelessmusic. Then, you must email us with your contact information at to stay connected! 
For upcoming events,
  • We are giving you information to stay updated to an artist performance/ showcase in and out of New York City. You have the opportunity to perform or just go and watch. There is nothing wrong with learning more about the industry or meeting new artists.  Start developing The Artist Chemistry as we talked about before. 
For Artist Spotlight,
  • You must submit your music through our email: In the email, you must have your name and the song.  It must have at least 200 views upon review in order to be considered as an artist spotlight.  Please review The Music Rubric prior to submissions. 
For Blog of the week,
  • These will be a lot of how to's as an artist. Reading this section is important because we want to guide you guys to success. Feel free to leave comments on the post or share with a friend. 
Voicelessmusic Variety is back and we ask that you share this with other artists, promoters, radio personals, and other. This will be the place for you, because we are the home of the independent and unsigned! 



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