A Taste of French Vanilla (Show Review)

Adida: Man, I am nervous! It's my first show.

Obas: You will be fine! Just go out there and be great.  You got Rahi and Jorge backing you up. You just gotta believe in ya self playa..

And that is exactly what Adida, Rahi, and Jorge did two Thursdays ago at their first release party. They put on a show and it was only their first time.  I was amazed and shocked on the energy, but more importantly they did everything right and we, Voicelessmusic had a chance to review it. Now!

The release party was hosted at The Spark Contemporary Art  Space in Syracuse on April 26th .  The three individuals,  Adida, the artist, Rahi, the producer, and Jorge, the DJ, organized a dope event that brought the entire music community together. So many smiles and support for the group as they were ready to tear the stage.  A couple of things I was looking for in terms of performance and they did everything right, even better than my expectations. So here's the breakdown!
  1. Artist Engagement: This is where we see the artist engage with the crowd. Adida and his crew was incredibly energetic. They were throwing water at us and they had a big balloon that resemble French Vanilla ice cream.  It felt like a concert and I definitely felt more connected with the artist during the performance.  
  2. Marketing: The group figured out a way to deliver their brand to the listeners. How? Through a lighter. Since most of the school smokes joints, Why not supply the students with lighters that has French Vanilla? This expanded their brand name to a new audience.  People will recognize the brand and it will contribute to their success later down. 
  3. Experimentation:  The group tested the stage.  By designing the room with flicking lights and setting the stage in black aesthetics, they were able to capture the visual attention of the audience quickly.
What I just listed above all  contribute to a great Performance Effect.  Phenomenal job boys.  If you think this review was fuego,  go bump their EP, "French Vanilla" below, it is better than this review lol.  Peace and Prosper! 


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