Breaking News: Seth Dollar Responds to "This is a Music Video"

"This is a Music Video" was a successful blog on Friday. So many different responses. However,  one person challenged the blog, Seth Dollar, a Syracuse artist, who explained the idea of a music video using his latest video, "Double Feature". This music video was a combination of two songs off his album "Vanity"; Girl Talk and Shuffle.  We see an 80's aesthetics and it is matched with location and lighting of the video. We see a back and forth conversation with the artist and the girl as he tries to figure out her intentions.  Did the director and the artist accomplish their vision? Well you are going to determine it now! Video below!   

I think Seth Dollar and director, Jacob Brown , accomplished the mission.  I clearly understood what was going on. Seth Dollar wants to make sure that other artists can do the same thing.  He jumped on a podcast with me to explain the significance of his video, but also his response to my article and the current state of the indie-stry. Definitely a good interview to check out.
Click the link to listen.


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