The Cool Tunes: VMT July Edition

It is incredibly hot outside and our rule of thumb at Voiceless Music is that if it is above 75 outside STAY HOME lol. When you are home, enjoy our July's tunes as we got some dope artists from all over. Remember, the purpose of this playlist is to introduce you guys to these artists. Playlists increases an artist's reach and chance for discovery,  so encourage followers, share and repost.  For more details, check out the article, Spotify Cheat Codes.

For this month we have, 
  1. Jade Mckenize- What I'm Worth
  2. Scorpio P- Dreams of Broadway 
  3. Eso.Xo.Supreme- Lord 
  4. The Dough Boy Project- Body 
  5. VDPNYC- Potion Number 9 
  6. Wan Blvd- Espy
  7. Seth Dollar- Heat 
  8. Dirty Spoon- Forever 
  9. Trigg tha Ruler- How Do I Look 
  10. Quez- Flip Phone
  11. Yung Fly- Creep 
  12. Malfo- Designer 
  13. Rai- Love's on the Way 
  14. Spzzy Turnt- Drop
  15. Sueheidy-Imma Beast 
It is crucial that you Follow, Repost, and Share this playlist as it will help with the artist's reach. It has worked for artist, Special T, and it can work for other artists! Dial your ears in as we get down!


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