SpecialT & Ru$ Grey- New Attitude (Official Video)

Independent music often lacks one essential thing when releasing visuals.. a story line. No matter how elaborate the story line may be seeing an artist do more than just standing in different locations rapping along to their song is a nice change! 

The newest artistry is brought to you by SpecialT and Ru$ Grey in the video for their single "New Attitude". Though the majority of the video is a tradition independent showing, personally I find the most engaging part to be the beginning and end of the video. The cameo by Voiceless Music owner, John Ari Caul, is a nice touch as well. 

The video doesn't fail to exceed expectations when compared to the single itself. The song goes hard and, in my opinion, the video goes even harder! 

Check it out below and let us know what you think in the comment section!