Nazzy - Autumn's Calling (Album Review)

I have to admit, I knew nothing of Nazzy before meeting DJ Tiff Dollaz earlier this year. But after highly impressing me with his snippet on the #ThisIsUpstate Cypher for 2018 Voiceless Music Awards I was prepared to hear more. So I'm calling it early, Naz is primed to breakout after releasing this very impactful release of Autumn's Calling.

We are in an age where most R&B projects aren't much on substance but this is different. Nazzy has hit that stride where the new era 'trap soul' and 'Pop & B' are whole heartedly accepted, evident on such tracks as "Your Body" and "Summertime Vibes". 

But so far, a stand out has to be the cook up Tha Bakery delivered to us on "Whip Music" which shows off that seamless chemistry from the cypher between Nazzy, Generic and Leeky.

But if I personally had to choose a song as the breakout hit, then "Summer Fever" is it. I can't stress the breakdown of having a little soul in this era mixed with that lyrical flow... Drake is that you?

Autumn's Calling may not be a Take Care, but maybe even Nazzy can get DJ Booth articles on being ok in your own skin one day... but when you already starting on top this early...

Thank us later.

- DJ Mainstream

Nazzy - Autumn's Calling
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