A Minute With Mainstream: RBM Bizzel

“We can’t rest if We don’t have a place to rest in. “

 It's Monday, another monotonous day. For some of us, it's wake up, go to work, come home, sleep. For 2x Voiceless Music Award nominee RBM Bizzel, it's another day to be with his son, another day to film, and another day to be great. So for my first A Minute With Mainstream back, I had to find out more about Brooklyn's gatekeeper of all things entertainment.

Mainstream: Bizzel, I feel like this has been a long time coming. Wish it was on the radio but thank you for being a part of this. What have you been up to since I last saw you at WVMR last year?

Bizzel: I know bro it really has. We should’ve been did this but timing is everything. I appreciate you having me honestly. As far as what I’ve been working on, I have 4 music projects I’m literally working on day and night; two solo projects and two joint projects with two of my homies Cig40 & Dye B. I’ve been filming a few new movies and short films. And I’m currently still filming season two of Best Frenemies, which will hit your TV screen this year... so I’ve been blessed to even continue this journey.

Nice, blessed is definitely emphasize cause I feel like you’ve been a house of fire since I first heard about you. Where do you have time to relax? (laughs)

(Laughs) Damn, I appreciate that a lot bro real talk. I never think about resting if I have a mission to complete. I just try to stay consistent and working hard. I always believe I could sleep when I’m dead. Sleep never paid bills or feed my son. He wears a size 1, so I can’t rest. So long as I stay dedicated, God will bless me with the best sleep of my life when the time is right but until (then): get money and stay working. We can’t rest if we don’t have a place to rest in.

Amen to that! Well, the one thing I have enjoyed about your journey so far is your hustle. Like you said music, web series, even helping as a promoter for a while. Where did that “go for it” attitude come from?

Thank you bro, I’m happy I could give you something to enjoy. My go for it attitude came on June 21st, 2014, when my baby boy was born. I knew if God gave me the chance to be a father, it was for a reason. I needed this little boy, and this little boy needed me. He showed me the right way and path to take, no matter the consequences. I knew the only way I would survive or make it in this game if I stayed consistent and build my resume from the ground up. It didn’t matter if I was rapping, acting, throwing an event, being a promoter or just all around supporter. I made sure every time I went out and was a part of something, I always did the job like this was my last job. Tomorrow not promised, so we gotta live like it’s our last day every day. I’m gonna always give 110% no matter if the room has 500 people in it or 5, you will either get the same RBM Bizzel or a better one but I will always have the go for it attitude.

I swear as much as artists speak about it, I never saw someone so proactive before with everything they do especially when there isn’t enough time in the day. Shit, do you get any downtime? And when you do, what makes Bizzel happy?

I swear we need 48 hours in a day instead of 24 (laughs) but me honestly when I really do have free time then I’m chilling with my son, taking him out doing the family thing. That makes me happy. Spending time with the family and just buggin’ out. Besides being so aggressive with things I’m really a nice person once you get to know me. I love doing things with the kids. Especially if it’s gonna make them tired (laughs) I will run with them hide and seek, play the game or just talk. Things like that make me happy and if I could do that every day I would be happy & content with that.

I think that’s the one thing people forget. We are entertainments but some of us are parents as well.

Yeah, a lot of entertainers do forget we are parents and then the children suffer. But I never let my son see that. I gotta be the best for him.

Well speaking with content, a lot of your friends and industry family were very happy with a nomination for our Voiceless Music Awards. How did you feel when you got the alert that you’re nominated?

Being nominated for an award really shocked me because never thought people would acknowledge my work in that type of form. But to get nominated for two awards really took the breath outta me. It’s an honor because I’ve watched a lot of people receive awards from (the) Voiceless Music company and I always wanted to be one of them. So now fast forwards couple years and we here and I’m getting nominated for two awards. It’s breathtaking honestly. I really thank the whole Voiceless Music team.

And we thank you for putting out great music because again it comes back to that. But you are one of the most hardest working MCs we’ve seen in a long while. What’s the goal as an artist? More awards? More acting roles?

Thank you guys I appreciate that so much and I will continue to give great bodies of work. Now, 2019 goal is to honestly build my fan base bigger and expand my brands. I definitely want more acting roles and more awards. But most importantly I wanna make I never stop being a great father to my son. I do this for him so the goal is to become something or someone he can look up too. So I’m aiming for more of everything long as it’s positive.

I love to hear that, doing it big in a positive way for your son and for the people who look to you. Well as we wrap up I always wanted to know two things. One, what does RBM stand for?

That’s a fact gotta do it for the ppl we love and love us back. So, RBM stands for a couple things but I’ll give you the original meaning because you my dawg (laughs). Before we brought it to the music it was in the streets as “Red Bandana Mafia”, (which) it’s self-explanatory. But now we on a more professional wave, so we changed it to ‘Real Bread Makers’ (and) ‘Respected By Many’. We all wanna be a real bread maker and we all want to be respected by many. So we all RBM in our own way. That’s why we started our clothing line. Shoutout my whole team: my CEO Tank Tompkins, I’m the president of our label. We got artist such as MoneyHungry Ty, RBM TyTy, Nana Balla, Wintrr & our R&B monster DeRico Riches, but most know him as DeRico Copeland. They all will be dropping projects this year.

Nice! And two, did you ever expect “Tell These Hoes” to be such a big record? (laughs)

Now with “Tell These Hoes”, I really didn’t think it would be nominated for an award (laughs). The song is so rated R. Shoutout my bro Se7en Letter & Bailhopper. Free Bailhopper, by the way. I remember being in Beatknocka Studios recording “Tell These Hoes” and the session was so legendary. It was love and we had fun doing it. I remember saying this was gonna be a dope record but never would I think it would be up for an award. Free my man Blizz, I hope we win so I could bring you that award up top.

Dope shit. Listen let me let you know from now I need an L in anything RBM material I may be a retired DJ, but I still rock shit when I’m around or at events. So just let me know when I can get that (laughs) and I’ll tell you now: even if you don’t get the award that record will forever be a classic to me so thank you for letting me spin it on WVMR and every event I was on the set for.

Thank you I really appreciate that so much coming from you it means a lot to me. I’m honored to even be nominated so I wouldn’t be mad at all. Ima make sure I bring you some RBM merchandise I got you for a fact. Thank you again for taking this time to even interview me it’s highly appreciated. Can I throw some shoutouts out there?

Of course.

Big shoutouts to my CEO Tank Tompkins & The whole RBM Nation, Jay Sparrow, BlakkMoney Ent & Signature Series Arts. My Brooklyn Gives Team: Vianca Bentley, Poca Snaxx, DjS1, DJ Boogs & OD Da Boss. Ameir Mista White, Ladarius Sanne Winn, DirtBombFresh, of course, the Voiceless Music team, WVMR, DTF RADIO, WRITEYOUROWNHISTORYLIVE, The DonCore and DricanHippie Show & all the other radio or podcast shows that supported me. Last but not least, thank you to my family & all the people that ever supported anything I ever did thank you!

Good shit man.. and do me a favor, just remember to get some sleep between being with your son and running the game.

I appreciate that bro real talk. Thank you!

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