This is Upstate: Syracuse vs. Utica

July 22nd was a memorable day! DJ Tiff Dollaz released the most anticipated cypher of the summer, "This is Upstate." Within, the first 24 hours,  the video had about 1.5k views. Simultaneously,  Anthony Obas curated his second event the same day, "The Voiceless Meet Up", which provided an experience for everyone! Now, the two face off in one of the most significant events in the independent music scene. 

This is Upstate: Syracuse vs. Utica  

A Battle to determine which 315 can put on a better show for the people. 
Representing Utica are: 
  1. Razzle
  2. Nazzy 
  3. Wanblvd 
Representing Syracuse are 
  1. Ya Boy Majik 
  2. Justin Witter/Mike O' Leary 
  3. Tanksley  
Each artist will have a 20 minute set and can do whatever they want during that set.  Bring other artists,  create a mash pit, perform with a live band, whatever. The purpose of the event is to create a memorable performance for the people. Each artist will be judged based on our Performance Rubric and once all the points are added up.  Victory will be either for the Utica artists or Syracuse artists!

This is an event you don't want to meet. Tickets are available now! Only one 315 shall prevail, who do you have see?! 

See you guys on October 12th at 6 p.m. at 
The Spark Contemporary Art Space.


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